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The cost of the HomePrice Report is $29.99.

HomePrice Report uses recent comparable neighborhood sales with 30+ years of historical purchase data to determine an estimated market value for a given property.
Homeprice.net brings this technology to mortgage brokers and the general public on a per report basis. No long term contract or monthly minimums to sign up for.

In addition to giving you an Sales Comparables the HomePrice Report gives you the following:

Owner Information and Property Information

Area Market Sales Up to 5 Comparable Sales including Address, Owner and Seller Name, APN, County, Sale Price, Recording Date, First Mortgage Amount, and Total Assessed Value and more.

Street Map Includes location of subject property in comparison to sales comparables.

Demographic Report - Information including population, household size, housing, mortgage information, Education and Workforce statistics.

School Report - A listing of schools in the surrounding area including their Name & Type, Address, Phone Number, Address, Enrollment, District, Grades, Total Students, Distance From Subject, Total Expense and Supply Per Student.

Local Area Business Report - Names, addresses, phone numbers & distances to area Hospitals, Police Stations, Churches, Associations and Organizations, Banking, Child Care, Dental, Entertainment Services, Fitness, Grocery Stores, Shopping, Restaurants, Hotels, Golf Courses, Libraries, Banks, Museums...you name it!

Please note that although the HomePrice Report provides you with a ton of data about the subject home and its surrounding area it does not provide you with a specific home value. If you are looking for the value of your property you will need the Property Value Estimator.

In nondisclosure states, assessors and recorders do not provide the actual sales price of homes sold. They do provide the property information and ownership transfers with loan amounts. Homeprice has multiple data vendors along with a huge database of purchase transactions which go into our model. We derive sale prices based on transfer taxes in those states. The nondisclosure states are ID, IN, IA, KS, MS, MO, NM, TX, UT and WY.

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