Property Value Estimator's Property Value Estimator will pull up to 30 comparable sales that have occurred in the last six months within one-half mile of your home and show you on a map where those comparables are in relation to the subject property. The report will also pull property characteristics, sale and assessment information on the subject property and comparable sales. Market data includes sale dates, sale prices, square footage, number of bedrooms and baths and other useful information.

The cost of the Property Value Estimator is $39.99.

The Property Value Estimator is an all encompassing, comprehensive report that features the following additional modules at NO ADDITIONAL COST:

Owner Information and Property Information

Valuation Results Estimated Value, Estimated Value Range, Value Date, Last Market Sale Information, and Prior Sale Information

Area Market Sales Up to 5 Comparable Sales including Address, Owner and Seller Name, APN, County, Sale Price, Recording Date, First Mortgage Amount, and Total Assessed Value and more.

Street Map Includes location of subject property in comparison to sales comparables.

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