How do we receive our customized reports?

Homeprice will send your reports within 24 hours after we receive your individual order. You have the option of receiving your customized order via email or by fax.

Why do the reports takeup to 24 hours to receive?

We take great pride in achieving the highest quality of information regarding the property or area you are finding information about. We gather our information from a wide variety of sources to ensure accuracy in the reports we present. We then verify the integrity of each individual report before it is presented to you.

How do I value my property?

When you determine market value, you must always remember that you are "estimating" the market value of one particular subject property. The location, or neighborhood, of this particular house is the starting point for your investigation. Whenever you determine the market value of one particular house, you must compare it only with similar houses in the same or nearby neighborhood. One individual may think something is worth more than another individual. Because of this, "fair market value" was established. Fair market value is the amount that a willing buyer will pay and a seller will accept.

How do I establish comparable sales in my local area?

Comparable sales information can be obtained through the Property Value Estimator.

These reports provide you with the valuable sales price information and property characteristics for a particular home, along with comparable neighborhood sales within the past year.

How do I establish "fair market value"?

After purchasing the list of comparable sales in your area here is the process that we recommend.
  1. Identify the properties in the surrounding area that are most similar to the property you wish to value.
    1. Review square footage as it should be as close to the square footage you wish to value.
    2. Review the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as they should be the same or close to the same number that you wish to value.
    3. Review the size of the lot as it should be approximately the lot size of the property you wish to value.
  2. Mark the properties that are similar to the above features that are in the neighborhoods that you most wish to value.
  3. Seeing the properties might be necessary. Evaluate which properties among these comparables have a quality of appearance and overall condition similar to you chosen property (consider painting, landscaping, roofing, and style).
  4. List the transfer values of those properties and use that range of values as an indicator of your "estimated fair market value".

How does Homeprice identify Comparable Sales Properties?

Comparable sales are selected on multiple criteria as follows:
  • Bedrooms: plus or minus 2 from the target property count of bedrooms
  • Bathrooms: plus or minus 2 from the target property bathroom count
  • Square Footage: plus or minus 25% from the square footage of the target property
  • Sales Data: We use one year of history and this data is updated daily or weekly in most counties.
  • Geography: The search begins with a square two tenths of a mile wide around the selected target property and continues expanding in one tenth mile increments in all directions, until a square 2 mile wide radius is reached or until 30 comparables are found.

Why do I need or want to use property information?

Using property information can be valuable in several ways. If you are buying or selling a home, looking into investing in another property, or trying to reduce your property tax, this information can be very valuable. In each of these situations using information regarding the value of real property can save yourself thousands of dollars in the long run.

Homeprice did a report for me but I know of other sales that have occurred recently in the neighborhood that were not listed. Why didn't these other sales pull up in the report?

Homeprice pulls its information from various public records sources. Each area is different when it comes to the time a property is closed on and when that information is actually recorded. Some counties and municipalities can take six to twelve months to report sales. only uses confirmed sales in its reports. If you personally know of closed sales that have occurred in the subject neighborhood recently by all means use them as part of you market analysis.

Will my credit card be charged if no information was found for my property search?

The amount of information available depends on the geographic region of your property and what recorders and assessors have made available to us. If you search a property with the Property Value Estimator that has two or less comparables your credit card will not be charged. When a report is completed and sent to you the sale is final and the fee is non-refundable. At we strive to give accurate information regarding real property and neighborhood reports. If you have specific questions you can email us anytime and we will respond as quickly as possible.

What are nondisclosure states?

In nondisclosure states, assessors and recorders do not provide the actual sales price of homes sold. They do provide the property information and ownership transfers with loan amounts. Homeprice has multiple data vendors along with a huge database of purchase transactions which go into our model. We derive sale prices based on transfer taxes in those states. The nondisclosure states are ID, IN, IA, KS, MS, MO, NM, TX, UT and WY.

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